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PRP Injections & Vampire Facelift 

Fillers, like Juvederm, can be combined with platelet rich plasma, also known as PRP's, to create a beautiful shape and healthy glow. The Vampire Facelift & PRP Facelift also helps grow new tissue, including collagen for smoothness.

A person undergoing this cosmetic procedure has his or her blood components (PRPS) injected into the desired area of their face for a youthful glow and younger appearance.

Vampire Facial

Also known as the blood facial or PRP facial this treatment involves extracting your own blood using a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells. From there, the SkinPen (microneedling), infuses  platelet-rich plasma (PRP) that stimulates collagen and elastin fibers to promote cell turnover for your most radiant complexion through a series of thousands of tiny punctures. This treatment is non-invasive and virtually painless. 



Before PRP became a big part of cosmetic surgery, it was used medicinally in various branches of medicine like neurosurgery, sports medicine, and ophthalmology. It is also called autologous rejuvenation therapy. It harnesses the natural healing ability of our body that repairs the wear and tear of our tissue over time.

A very small amount of blood is taken from the patient and then centrifuged (spun down) to break into its components. Then the good components are injected directly into the affected area to pump up the padding of the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Platelets are known in promoting proteins that help in healing damaged tissue. Once platelets are injected into the affected area, they release growth factors that stimulate other cells to enhance the tightness of skin.

Vampire Facelift is only used to treat the face in approximately 45-60 minutes per treatment. PRP Injections can be used in many areas of the body including hips, knees and elbows in approximately 30 minutes. 

We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to enhance your own unique beauty and help you develop more self-confidence. These treatments provide various results, all with the goal of helping you feel better about yourself in every situation.

Your face is unique and the solution for making it look younger is unique, too. Our physician and aestheticians will customize a treatment program that may include a variety of techniques and procedures to achieve the results you really want: fading age spots with lasers, smoothing your skin with BOTOX, erasing wrinkles with filler, reducing redness and shrinking pores with our exclusive skincare system. We will discuss these with you in detail during your consultation and make a treatment plan exactly for you. 

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