Frequently asked questions

Is this refundable?

No. Make a choice to show up and you will experience the shifts. These training modules will be available to you indefinitely. Get what you need when you need it, and trust that the rest will come.

When does the program start and how do I get on the live community calls?

Official kickoff date is the week of 10/19. Our live calls are on Wednesdays at 12pm PT, starting on Oct. 21st and will run live weekly for the next 15 weeks (with 3 weeks off in between.) Calls will happen over Zoom video conference (easy to install on any device if you don’t already have it) and will be recorded so that you don’t miss a thing!

What is the time commitment?

Live calls are 90min, plus modules, videos + integration exercises may take up to 1 hour / week, based on how much time you decide to spend with them. This is designed to be super flexible so you can get exactly what you need when you need it. We recommend showing up to the calls for healing and coaching as priority. You'll have lifetime access to the content and modules.

What if I cannot join live?

All good! We have recordings of every call, + you have unlimited FB group access to ask your questions and get them answered + receive laser coaching.

It’s hard for me to speak up in groups. How will my voice be heard?

Being in groups can feel overwhelming. In accordance with my values, is my duty & honor to maintain a sense of equity in voice and expression during the live calls. It is of the utmost importance to me to personally ensure that all voices are heard, perspectives considered, and experiences valued. I am a fierce protector and will fight for your sense of safety in any space I create. There are many ways that I work to ensure this and bring all voices, including prioritizing the most marginalized voices among us and understanding / appreciating varying communication styles of the more introverted among us. If you want you speak your voice into the group, it is also your responsibility to receive my invitation to do it.

What are the terms & conditions?

Absolutely! View our Terms & Conditions HERE. You'll be agreeing to this once you submit your payment.

Who is this for?

This is for you if you’re a (Q)WOC or woman ally [cis/non-binary] and: - You identify as an impact-driven individual (entrepreneur or not) choosing to claim your voice and let your message be heard - You’re ready to stop hiding out of fear - You understand firming up the boundaries to is a must so you can say no to the crap and start saying yes to what you REALLY want - You see the connection between your personal/social/professional relationships and your success - You want to deepen connection to your intuitive capacities + your pleasure as you embody more visibility in your leadership. - You acknowledge the undeniable pull of this pandemic + a civil rights revolution calling you to step into your power and create meaningful impact in your communities.

I’m not a business owner / entrepreneur / trying to do the business thing. Can I still join?

All good! You don’t need to be. The business-specific content will enlighten you whether you’re the owner of the company where you've worked (worked with) or not. AND on the live calls we coach around any and all questions that come up, regardless of the week's content. You still will get exactly what you need in this program.

I'm an introvert and disappear in groups. Wondering if I'll get the support I need.

I love supporting introverts. Both the content and the coaching style is designed to meet you, ambiverts, extroverts, and also many personality/communication/energetic types where they are. You may feel a lot of things in the coaching spaces I facilitate, but you will NEVER feel outcast or lost in the crowd. Period. This is my personal guarantee.

I am disabled. How does this program support me?

Thank you for asking! During the program we will have transcriptions of ALL recorded content (including of the Zoom calls). You are welcome to speak, type, sign your questions into our private Facebook group [which everyone in BTSA will have unlimited access to]. We are open to meeting other disability needs if and as they come up.


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