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Why is fall THE PERFECT time for vein treatments?

With cooler weather on the way, you may be thinking you can finally hide those unsightly veins under your leggings, pants and jeans. However, why not use this cool weather season to pursue treatment that will eliminate those ugly veins for good?

Artemis Body & Laser has many reasons to have your vein treatments in fall.

Most of our vein treatments can lead to minor bruising and/or swelling around the treatment sites, which is easily hidden under your clothes while the treatment area heals. Your cool weather wardrobe also serves to protect the treatment area from sun exposure.

Some vein treatments for varicose veins are treated from the inside by collapsing the vessel and then gradually absorbed by your body. This process can take some time, so you won’t see full results of your first treatment until a few weeks to a few months later. In addition, some treatments for spider veins require more than one treatment to achieve full results. Starting your vein treatments now is smart! You will likely be enjoying full results by the time your spring break trip rolls around.

Call our office at 614-793-8351 to schedule your free consultation today!

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