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Varicose and Spider Veins - signs, symptoms and when to find a treatment center.

Varicose veins show up in our lives most commonly on our legs and rarely are they considered welcome. Initially appearing as a slight discoloration on the surface of the skin, these areas can morph into bluish, bulging and twisty looking veins that can be worrisome and unsightly.

Varicose veins can appear anywhere but typically become visible just below the surface of the skin. Other symptoms may also be present including swelling, burning, itching, throbbing, tingling, heaviness and soreness within the legs.

Varicose veins are common and affect women more often than men. Becoming more prevalent with age, like grey hair and wrinkles, they aren’t exactly pleasing to the eye and can certainly bruise one’s vanity. Fortunately, there are both medical and cosmetic options.

Spider veins are more superficial and tend to show up as colorful spider like webs just under the surface of the skin, more typically on the legs or face. They are thinner and less bulgy than varicose veins and are certainly more of a cosmetic issue than a health concern.

Although many symptoms for either type of vein don’t pose serious medical concerns, there are some risk factors and symptoms that should not be ignored.

Pain, swelling and discomfort may indicate deeper vein issues or possible vein disease and should be medically assessed. Any pain while standing or walking including swelling around the ankles may indicate more serious issues as well. Additionally, if there are sores around the visible vein area, you should consult with a physician as soon as possible.

Other factors that may contribute to the seriousness of varicose veins include, but are not limited to the following: Being over-weight; taking oral contraceptives; prolonged sitting with crossed legs; heredity or family history of blood clots or varicose veins, pregnancy or hormonal imbalance; any kind of injury to the veins.

Whatever is prompting your research to understand more about varicose or spider veins, it’s important to know that there are treatments available and the risks may be minimized with early detection. Whether you are seeking peace of mind, or more beautiful legs, both are possible by consulting a vein specialist.

Because it is so visible, venous disease is fairly easy to detect and diagnose. Because they are so aesthetically undesirable, many people prefer to have them removed. With the latest technologies today, diagnosis and vein treatments can be handled under one roof providing both the medical and cosmetic results. With ultrasound and laser ablation technologies, the procedures have become easy to perform for both physician and patient alike.

At Artemis Body & Laser all of the physicians and surgeons are fully licensed and certified providing the most advanced techniques and procedures available today. Please visit or call our center for a full free consultation.

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