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Vein Health Basics – How Veins Work And What Causes Varicose or Spider Veins to Appear

There’s not much to prevent the shock and horror one experiences the first time they notice anything new sprouting up on their bodies. Whether it’s the first pimple, wrinkle or sign of aging, there’s rarely a shout of glee with the initial discovery. When the appearance of the first spider or varicose vein pops up, it often creates worry, concern or more wrinkles. Although not all vein issues are serious, many can be early indications of health issues to come and understanding what is serious and what is not, is a good place to begin.

Quite simply, veins and arteries are the blood pathways through the body. Their purpose is to deliver the blood to the heart. From there the heart is able to push the blood through the lungs where it picks up oxygen and then delivers that oxygen throughout the body. There are valves within the veins that remain open while blood is pumping through them and then close so that the blood doesn’t run backwards while the body is at rest. This system helps fight the gravity within the body so that it can move oxygen down to the feet and back up the legs without it all running downhill. It’s much harder for the body to pump oxygen uphill when the body is sedentary and often this causes issues with the valves and why they can become faulty. Faulty valves can cause blood to move backwards or to pool in areas, typically in the legs, causing the veins to bulge, twist and push up under the surface of the skin. The result sadly, is a varicose vein and thus, the shock and horror of your new discovery.

Often varicose veins can show up without any other symptom other than their blue, bulgy appearance. Since they often form on the backs of the legs, you may not even know when they started forming. In other instances, they may cause pain, swelling, itching, burning, or other discomfort and may even be accompanied by a sore forming in the same area. In this case, you should consult a physician or a vein specialist to rule out anything more serious.

If spider veins are your nemesis, and you are noticing them popping up on your face or other areas, these are simply broken capillaries and will appear as tiny, red, web-like formations just below the skin’s surface. These are the easiest to treat and are less likely related to a serious health condition.

Since both spider and varicose veins are more common in women, it can be unsightly and embarrassing when these start to appear. Pregnancy, weight gain or simply the aging process can make them more prevalent. Thankfully, there are medical and cosmetic treatments, so shelve the shock and horror and simply get yourself in for a consultation. Whether you are concerned about the medical implications or simply the appearance of these new blue friends, it’s important to rule out more serious issues including vein disease.

Vein disease is fairly easy to diagnose, because the symptoms are so visible. With the latest technologies today, diagnosis and vein treatment can be handled under one roof providing both the medical and cosmetic results, often within one visit.

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