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Skin Tip - After a Microneedling Treatment

This is what your skin looks like under a microscope after a microneedling treatment...

Since your skin will be "raw" and red after microneedling, it can be tempting to cover it up with foundation, concealer, or powder. However, this will only hinder the healing process. Any makeup or skincare products on the skin can prevent it from responding properly to the treatment.

Your skin barrier is still healing 24 hours after the procedure. You wouldn’t want to further irritate your skin by putting anything on it.

However, you can still wear makeup in areas that aren’t affected by microneedling. For instance, you can wear lipstick and eye makeup. It’s a great way to still feel a little more put together even if your skin is not.

When applying makeup, be as gentle as possible. Even by the 3rd day, it’s best to proceed with caution by using a light touch and soft brushes or sponges. Avoid any makeup that has fragrance, a thick consistency, or a drying formula. Instead, wear a light layer of foundation or concealer on areas that need it. When it comes to brushes and sponges, wash them thoroughly before use. This helps to ensure that you won’t introduce any bacteria to your skin.

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