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Forget Facelifts! Restore Youth With Natural Face Augmentation PRP Injection Or Vampire Facelifts

The truth about facial aging comes down to one simple fact – loss of facial fat volume. As we age, our face undergoes a series of fat loss changes that alters our appearance throughout our lives. We may first notice the nasolabial folds deepen (the creases from our nose to the side of our lip and chin), then the increase in our forehead wrinkles and the dreaded number 11’s between our eyebrows. Later, we see crow’s feet around our eyes and a hollowed out look just underneath the eyes. The globes of our eyes appear sunken and our cheeks become rather bony.

Overall, the skin feels thin and crepe paper like especially around the eyes and eyelids. It would seem as though our skin is lying over the bony framework of the skull just like a bed sheet would be lying over a sofa. Every detail of the sofa is evident. The skin then droops downward and the area underneath your chin begins to sag. You may or may not have gone through each of these phases, but one thing is certain, you will.

However, thanks to advances in regenerative medicine, newer procedures are now available to turn back the hand of time, correct skin defects or even build fat. One of the best examples can be found at the our office. We are at the forefront of this new type of medicine, and have become experts at providing these new procedures.

The net effect is a fresher and younger looking you. Gone are the days of depending on only one type of procedure like the traditional facelift, or even the quick lift which required surgical cutting and altered your appearance forever, for example, TV celebrity Joan Rivers. For most cases, stretching and cutting the skin off your face is not the answer. Now, there are alternative, more advanced procedures which are minimally invasive and no more technical than either Botox or filler injections like Juvederm, Radiesse or Restylane.

The most advanced procedure for the face is the Natural Face Augmentation and is known by other names with variations such as Space Lift, Vampire facelift, 3D or 3 dimensional facelift. The best part of Natural Face Augmentation is that it is permanent and is a natural part of your body like it is supposed to be. You will naturally age again as time goes on but you will always look like yourself. Sure, you have undoubtedly seen or known someone who has undergone a facelift or the quick lift and they may look better, but honestly, they never look the same and you can tell something was done to them.

With Natural Face Augmentation there is no skin cutting or removal, only processed blood injection artfully placed to restore your youth. For more information on this and other innovative and advanced procedures call us! 614-793-2639.

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